Slaets watches & jewelry

1904 - The year it all started

The Slaets family has her roots in Herselt, a small village in the Antwerp Campine. It was Jan Frans Slaets, a young watchmaker, who started a small watchmakers workshop in his own house in 1904. With a daily view over the rural open fields of Herselt, he specialised in repairing clocks and pocket watches. In that period only the first wristwatches started to emerge for military purposes and were barely worn by non-military people. During the next 40 years, together with his wife, the workshop and shop were expanded to a business with an excellent reputation, known as an important point of sales and after sales for clock, watches and jewellery for Antwerp and abroad.


1947 - Antwerp, Diamond Capital of the World

After the Second World War, the family business moved for a very short while to Brussels, but soon after that Jan Frans Slaets decides to move to Antwerp, the Diamond Capital of the World. Settled in the Carnotstraat n°11, the place to be, the sons were also active in the family business which was bearing the proud caption "J.F. Slaets en Zonen” (meaning J.F. Slaets and Sons). Watches was an important part of the business, but also Jewellery played a mayor role.


1960 - De Keyserlei

In the early ‘60s the family Slaets opened a second store on the De Keyserlei n°46 bearing the name "Gebroeders Slaets” (meaning "Brothers Slaets”). With 3 Brothers running the business, the company experiences an exponential growth and after only 4 years, the store expands to the neighbouring n°48. Resulting in one of the biggest watch and jewellery stores in Belgium.

1980 - 3th generation

When in the 80’s Jan Slaets, the grandson of founder Jan Frans Slaets en son of Emiel Slaets, joins the company, ambitious plans are forged. Being an economic, Jan Slaets has set clear objectives. More renowned and prestigious brands, better customer service and growth. Lead by Emiel Slaets and son Jan Slaets decide to leave their location in the Carnotstraat and renovate the large store on the The Keyserlei, which became the flagship store till this day.

1998 - Specialised watchstore

In 1998 Slaets renovates an old movie theatre on The Keyserlei n°42 into an impressive store specialising in high-end watches, unseen and the biggest in the Benelux at that time. Housing multiple high-end watchmakers, the business would soon be known as the rock solid beacon for Belgian and International watch-enthusiasts. Together with this introduction, Jan Slaets announces that the stores on n°46-48 will only be selling jewellery from that point. Jan Slaets wants to assure his clients the best possible professional advice and guidance, because watches and jewellery are two different worlds after all. When entering the watch store, one can see 4 watchmakers working on repairing and servicing watches from clients. Each watchmakers is certified, trained and school by the best watch manufacturers.

2004 - Slaets exists 100 years

In 2004 Slaets reaches a mayor accomplishment, existing exactly 100 years, a big party won’t go unnoticed. Mayor Swiss watch manufacturers like Cartier, Chopard, Breitling and Piaget are issuing limited editions tribute to Slaets.

2006 - Fashion heart of Antwerp - de Schuttershofstraat

The most recent expansion at Slaets  is the opening of new store in 2006 in the Schuttershofstraat, right in the middle of Antwerp’s fashion district. The offer of brands in this store focuses on fashion minded clients, without loosing our passion for high-end watchmaking or quality jewellery.

1904 tot 2012 - SLAETS Jewellery & Watches

At Slaets, we always look out for new and innovative brands. 40 years ago, when Pomellato was founded, Jan Slaets was a believer from the first hour and resulted in us being the first jeweller outside Italy to represent Pomellato. We are also having the first and only Piaget-corner in Belgium and were the first retailers to offer Cartier, Chopard, Chanel and Hublot in Belgium.

2014 - Jeweller SLAETS welcomes ROLEX

2015 - Jeweller SLAETS opens a dedicated ROLEX-zone