SLAETS Jewellery Emerald Ring Alliance Diamonds (watches)



Emerald Ring Alliance Diamonds


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Ring in 18kt White Gold, set with an oval shaped Emerald and Diamonds. Masterfully handcrafted in Antwerp.

Prices are indicative and depend on the quality of material and stones. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

All gemstones and diamonds in our jewellery are 100% natural.



  • Oval
  • 18kt White Gold
  • Emerald, Diamonds
  • Ring


SLAETS Jewellery Heritage Collection

From the Latin ‘smaragdus’, transliterated directly from the ancient Greek ‘σμαραγδος’, meaning ‘green stone’, the word emerald comes to us. The emerald is mentioned in sagas, poetry and history. It stands for fertility, immortality and eternal springtime. Representing youth, life and rebirth to the ancient Egyptians, valued for their curative and empowering properties as an aide to childbirth by the Romans, emeralds play a major role in the creation legends of several cultures.

The fascinating inclusions are typical for emeralds and are known as "Jardin” and give each emerald its own unique personality. Beautiful Jardins are highly sought-after by collectors.



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